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Accounting and Auditing

Accuracy is key when it comes to preparing annual audit reports. Filing inaccurate infor-mation will only cause issues further down the line. Allow us to be of help getting it right the first time.


Accounting and Auditing

Accuracy is key when it comes to preparing annual audit reports. Your company’s credibility is at stake when you file an inaccurate financial statement or critical business information. It is imperative that your auditors are highly skilled and know the ins and outs of proper auditing and assurance practice. All the important steps involved before and after preparing an audit report should be followed with transparency and must adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the Thai Auditing Standards.

At Oceanic Accounting, we provide you with audit and assurance services that are handled by competent and experienced auditors. We offer a systematic approach to audit services to ensure that all reports follow international auditing standards, whilst keeping in mind our clients’ expectations. Our transparency extends to our pricing of the whole auditing process as well, to make sure that clients get a comprehensive, professionally handled auditing service that is not solely confined to just a signed audit report.

Having highly skilled and experienced audit experts ensures that you only get accurate and transparent reports that reflect the highest standards for auditing, review, and quality control, which you can also use as credible references to improve your business practice and address accounting issues within your organisation more effectively.

Accounting and Auditing

Do you want to spend time more wisely on other daily tasks and leave your accounting and auditing to somebody with full passion and knowledge in these fields? Then consider contacting us.

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