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Corporate Secretarial Services

If you want to work in Thailand legally, you need to obtain a work permit. With our proven step by step approach, we help you obtain a work permit hassle-free, closely guiding you through the process.

The role of the company secretary is vital in any business setup. The individual appointed to this valuable position assumes some of the duties and responsibilities of the company’s executives as to minimise their workload. The appointment of a qualified individual to this role is usually the responsibility of the directors of a company – or its primary investors.

Whilst it is not legally required for registered companies to appoint a secretary, a competent and highly skilled individual helps efficiently maintain all the company’s mandatory filings and records to ensure that an organisation complies with the Thai government’s reporting and disclosure requirements. Aside from this, a company secretary can help the organisation keep track of all the records and filing of the same when a company undergoes corporate changes during its operations.

At Oceanic Accounting, we assist numerous companies in providing a highly qualified company secretary who can act on behalf of the company.

Our experience and expertise in this area allows us to efficiently handle all your requirements to ensure maintenance and filing of all your records in compliance with the laws of Thailand.

We provide highly qualified specialists who work with clients with diligence to ensure that all of their needs are met and professionally handled.

We offer comprehensive yet competitive corporate secretarial service packages that can be customised to meet the needs of all industries and companies – no matter if big or small.

Corporate Secretarial Services

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