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Land and property registration

Do you consider buying land, or do you want to apply for a building contract agreement, then your way won’t go past the official government department.
Allow us to guide you through the process.


Land and property registration

Thailand has similar property laws and regulations as western countries as the Thailand Civil Code is based on the mainland European civil law system and copied aspects from common law countries. Thai property laws are therefore considered western.
What makes buying real estate in Thailand different and more complicated for non-Thai nationals is that Thai land laws prohibit every foreigner from owning land making it impossible for foreigners to obtain outright ownership over land and house in Thailand.
Buying land or property in Thailand is however attractive for investment-, or for business reasons as well as residence or retirement purposes. Although Thailand is a place of great natural beauty, there are risks that come with real estate acquisition; particularly in Thailand. For foreigners (non-Thai nationals), the risks can be compounded by complicated regulations and foreigners’ general unfamiliarity with Thai business culture. At Oceanic Accounting, we specialise in Thai real estate laws and regulations and protecting client’s rights in purchasing land and property in Thailand.
Many foreigners wishing to buy or lease real estate in Thailand are often confused by the contradictory information and misleading and ill-advised claims on the Internet. There are specific legal issues under Thai land law regulating the ability of foreign nationals to buy or acquire rights to Thailand real estate and property. We’ll gladly guide you through the pitfalls, so you can register your land or property in Thailand with ease.

Do you consider buying land or property in Thailand, or do you want to apply for a building contract agreement, then we can be of great help speedening up that process

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