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Obtaining a Thai Driving License

Do you want to obtain a legal driving license in Thailand? If you don’t speak Thai fluently it can be a tough task to achieve. Allow us to help you with the communications and paperwork.


Obtaining a Thai Driving License

Expats planning to drive a car in Thailand should apply for a Thai driving license. This is the only way to ensure that you can drive legally in the country and that you are fully covered by a car insurance policy. It can also serve as an ID card issued by the government. In order to qualify for a Thai driving license, applicants must be at least 18 years old, in good physical and mental health and hold a valid non-immigration visa. Although the forms that applicants need to fill out and process are mainly in Thai, usually officers of the Department of Land Transport are able to communicate in basic English and explain the necessary steps for making a driving license. If you do not understand Thai at all, chances are that you’ll have a challenging and time-consuming stay at the official department.
The required documents you should bring with you are subject to change from time to time, but generally, you should prepare the following:

• a passport along and non-immigrant visa
• a copy of the first page of the passport
• a copy of the page containing the valid non-immigrant visa
• A copy of the page containing the last entry stamp for Thailand
• your TM.6 departure card
• a letter of address certified from the Immigration Bureau (or from the applicant’s embassy), dated within thirty days of application or a work permit with a signed copy
• a health certificate, issued at any clinic or hospital, dated within thirty days of the application

Obtaining a Thai Driving License

Obtaining the correct documents can be stressful and time-consuming. If you need help throughout the process, so you can begin your tests and start driving legally in Thailand, we stand ready to help.

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