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Obtainment of Business Licenses

Operate your business hassle-free with the licenses you need.    Our efficient licensing service lets you conduct your business activities with strict needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Obtainment of Business Licenses

Starting a business in Thailand entails acquiring a proper license, no matter what type of business you do or plan to run. Having a business license is a must in any case, as it serves as legal proof that you are allowed to operate a business under the industry or location that your business is registered. New businesses may apply for a business license as soon as it has been registered with the Ministry of Commerce. The application and approval of a business license depends on the specific category in which your business belongs. It is fair to say that you can expect your application to be more complicated or time-consuming than usual -especially when you operate a business that is regulated by a government body. In addition, you may find yourself needing more than one license when you are involved in an industry that requires multiple business licenses, such as hotels that not only operate their own restaurants but sometimes also run a music lounge for its customers.

At Oceanic Accounting, we make the process of acquiring business licenses hassle-free and affordable for clients. Our thorough expertise in this area allows us to help you get the license you need to be able to conduct your business activities, whilst we also serve as your reliable representative when applying for a license with respective government agencies or departments.

Whether you are involved in food and beverage (F & B), tourism, alcoholic beverages, a childcare, school, a recruitment firm, a hotel, a factory, in the medical industry, construction industry, as importer or exporter – we can help you acquire the necessary business license you need to legally run your business.

Obtainment of Business Licenses
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