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Personal Income Tax declarations

Are you making an income in Thailand? No matter your source of income, you need to de-clare your income tax once per year. We’ll gladly help you with the right paperwork and official errands.


Personal Income Tax declarations

Under section 41 of the Revenue Code, an individual Thai citizen or foreigner who lives in Thailand for one or more periods totalling at least 180 days in any tax (calendar) year is, for tax purposes, deemed a resident of Thailand and subject to tax on all assessable income derived from sources within the country, whether paid within or outside Thailand, and on assessable income derived from foreign sources to the extent that it is brought into Thailand in a year in which income is received. A non-resident individual is subject to tax only on assessable income from Thai sources, regardless of payment location.

Personal income tax is imposed at a progressive rate ranging from 5-37%. Every person, resident or non-resident, who derives assessable income from employment or business in Thailand, or has assets located in Thailand, is subject to personal income tax, whether such income is paid in or outside of Thailand. Capital gains arising from transfer of assets (like property) is taxable income. There is no specific capital gains tax in Thailand. Capital gains are subject to tax in the same manner as any other forms of income.

An individual must file annual income tax returns not later than the end of March of the following year. Half-year income tax returns are required for individuals who earn certain types of income such as rent, professional fees, income from construction, income from sales of goods, etc. The half-year income tax returns must be filed not later than the end of September of the respective tax year.
An Individual who fails to file his/her annual tax return is subject to a penalty of twice the amount of the tax due plus a surcharge of 1.5% per month of the tax due.

Are you making an income in Thailand? If so, we’ll gladly help you with the right paperwork and official errands to take this task off your shoulders.

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