Private Services


Bank account registrations

Registering a new bank account can be a daunting task in Thailand, quickly testing your patience. Allow us to assist with the process that saves you time and often also money.

Obtaining a Thai Driving License

Do you want to obtain a legal driving license in Thailand? If you don’t speak Thai fluently it can be a tough task to achieve. Allow us to help you with the communications and paperwork.

Personal Income Tax declarations

Are you making an income in Thailand? No matter your source of income, you need to declare your income tax once per year. We’ll gladly help you with the right paperwork and official errands.

Land & property registration

Do you consider buying land, or do you want to apply for a building contract agreement, then your way won’t go past the official government department.
Allow us to guide you through the process.

Work Permit and Visa

If you want to work in Thailand legally, you need to obtain a work permit. With our proven step by step approach, we help you obtain a work permit hassle-free, closely guiding you through the process.

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