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Work Permit and Visa

If you want to work in Thailand legally, you need to obtain a work permit. With our proven step by step approach, we help you obtain a work permit hassle-free, closely guiding you through the process.


Work Permit and Visa

To legally work in Thailand, a foreigner must apply for a work permit and hold a valid visa. A work permit is a legal document that states a foreigner’s position, current occupation, or job description and the Thai company he is working with. It also serves as a license to perform a job or an occupation allowed for foreigners inside Thailand.
Foreigners entering Thailand are generally not permitted to work, regardless of their type of visa, unless they are granted a work permit. Those who intend to work in Thailand must hold the correct type of visa to be eligible to apply for a work permit.
To secure a work permit in Thailand, a foreigner needs an initial visa, which is a non-immigrant visa. The non-immigrant visa must be obtained before entering Thailand.
Once the foreigner has a non-immigrant visa, he may begin to process the work permit. The work permit process would take roughly 7 business days to be fully accomplished. Work permit applications are processed in the Ministry of Labor office.
A foreigner is eligible to apply for a work permit as long as he has a non-immigrant visa or a resident visa, has an available employer who will provide documents for work permit, and the occupation he will perform is not prohibited to foreigners.

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